About me

Hi I’m Nadia and I am a jewellery designer maker from South East London, I have been making jewellery for 8 years now! I have been trained to work in silver, gold and platinum and I have completed an apprenticeship as a goldsmith mounter in Hatton Garden (London’s Jewellery quarter). Now I create my own designs and commissions while raising my kids from home. 

I create precious jewellery that is modern and yet has a long lasting classic appeal. I like to think of my jewellery as fine fashionable jewellery that can be passed down from one generation to the next. 

I am passionate about detail, and I am inspired to create wearable pieces of art.  I am drawn to shape, texture and finding the beauty in simplicity. I like to play around with every day shapes and images and push them into a different three dimensional form. 

I also have a huge passion for painting portraits and figurative art, so in time you may see some of my paintings.