About me

Hello I’m Nadia Eloise, I am a fine jewellery designer maker from South East London, I have been making fine jewellery for 10 years. I work in silver, gold and platinum. I have been traditionally trained and have completed a Goldsmith apprenticeship 5 years ago in Hatton Garden(London's jewellery quarter). I hand make my own designs and collections. I offer a bespoke commission service where I work privately with you to create a special piece of jewellery in whatever metal and gemstones you desire. 

My jewellery is fine fashionable jewellery that can be passed down from one generation to the next, it is modern with a long lasting classic appeal. I’m inspired by the textures and shapes you find in nature.  I am passionate about detail and creating wearable pieces of art.

My work has deep underlying concepts. I try to communicate my current ideas through my jewellery. Recently I have been creating work that’s reflected my passion towards body positivity/acceptance, challenging the negative taboos that surrounds sex and our naked body. 

Sustainability is very important to me, I reuse and recycle my fine metal by melting my scraps or remelting old jewellery.