Nude 1 Print


Colour Print of the original Nude Painting
Canvas Paper Dimensions 45cm x 36cm.
This painting is like a love note to my younger self.

I was inspired to explore the uncomfortable truth towards my body image, all the criticism and hate I felt towards my physical body that I had learnt as I grew.
Creating this painting pushed me to explore my feelings and challenge past ideas that were attached to my body. I try to be body positive/neutral especially now as I have two daughters. I don't want them to hate their bodies or compare and criticise themselves so I need to shift my perspective and challenge my relationship and how I live in my body.

The truth is it is hard to love and accept myself everyday. I get constant brain reminders that tell me I should be slimmer, younger, more streamline, less postnatal and saggy-the list could go on. But it's exhausting chipping away at yourself on the daily, I don't want to hold back living a full life. It is not my purpose to please society's eye!

Through this journey while I created this painting I realised the beauty in its largeness. The curves are like the hills and mountains of a beautiful landscape. How could I criticise nature within its existence?
Within this painting I expose the poses and parts that I have believed were not enough and yet too much at the same time.

I hope this print helps you love and celebrate yourself.

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